With Silverman, yours is not just another jewelry sale.

Since 1945, Silverman Consultants has offered sales strategy and direction to jewelry stores of every size. We’ve built our reputation on successfully turning around jewelry businesses, selling off inventory, and liquidating entire stores. We apply proven strategies designed specifically for the jewelry business, whether you’d like higher revenues, retirement strategies, a jewelry business liquidation, or a successful promotional event.

Promotional events

Need to increase jewelry store sales volume? A well-planned jewelry sales event can exceed a store’s annual sales volume. Find out more.

Silverman helps a jewelry store boost sales and holiday season profits. [ Read more ]

Store closings

Even when faced with the hard decision to close a store, savvy jewelry chains have an opportunity for a burst of sales volume. Find out more.

Silverman creates two highly successful store closings for a jewelry chain. [ Read more ]

Retirement sales

How can you honor your jewelry store’s customers and your legacy while positioning your family for a comfortable retirement? Find out here.

Silverman helps a jeweler retire and close her historic jewelry store.
[ Read more ]

Going out of business

A going out of business sale can be trying, but it could also be one of the most successful jewelry sales events you’ll have. Find out more.

Silverman selected to liquidate one of the country’s top three jewelry chains. [ Read more ]

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