Jewelry event reverses a downward sales trend.

Executives at Brodkey Jewelers were concerned as the holiday season drew near: sales were trending down
for the chain and other jewelers during a hard economic time. Their trade vendors proposed a solution.

Brodkey Jewelers [Omaha, NE]

Marc Brodkey, owner of Brodkey Jewelers in Omaha, Nebraska, hired Silverman Consultants to run a promotional sale for the chain’s 10 stores. Brodkey Jewelers had been experiencing a significant downtrend in sales (over 30% in sales volume), and inventory levels were low as the holiday season approached. Silverman met with the jeweler and proposed an anniversary event to coincide with the company’s 130 year history. Silverman supplied much needed merchandise to the jeweler on a consignment basis (freeing up capital for the client), assisted with marketing ideas to generate traffic and sales, and placed three supervisors within the 10 stores to oversee and maximize the sale results. As a result, Brodkey Jewelers had a very successful holiday season, with an increase in sales of over 50% from the previous year and without a significant decrease in margin. Silverman also placed over three million dollars of additional goods in the stores and introduced the jeweler to new vendors that could be utilized going forward.

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