Hold a jewelry sales event

Run a successful sales event!

With more than 65 years as jewelry consultants and jewelry liquidators, the professionals at Silverman understand how to run a successful jewelry sales event, whether the goal is to create a surge during a holiday season, celebrate a store anniversary, reduce inventory, or relocate an entire store. And we’re ready to help you.

Silverman understands the jewelry business

When business is down, closing the doors shouldn’t be your first option.  Silverman understands that sometimes a new marketing plan is in order.  In a year dampened by a recession, Silverman Consultants worked closely with Brodkey Brothers of Omaha, Nebraska, to increase sales during the holiday season. Read about the Brodkey’s success story and others in our customer reviews. Other times, a change in strategy or location can create a boost in sales. For instance, Silverman helped Morgan Jewelers relocate their jewelry store to an improved location, enhancing jewelry sales and profitability. A boost in sales also often comes with the celebration of an anniversary or other big milestone for your business.  We’ll work with you to identify and maximize these opportunities. We’ve been helping others with jewelry store marketing plans, crisis management, and sales promotions for more than 65 years (see the photo above for one of the jewelry sales Silverman Consultants handled in earlier days), and we’ve been featured in national publications covering the subject. Contact us to find out how we can help you with a jewelry clearance event!

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